Solution Showcase Schedule

These sessions are held in theaters built on the show floor and do not conflict with concurrent education sessions.



Showcase #1

Showcase #2

Showcase #3

Showcase #4

10:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Tyler Technologies For the Record Xerox CISCO
11:15 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. Tyler Technologies Tybera Thomson Reuters Journal Technologies
12:00 p.m. - 12:30 p.m. McGirr Technologies CourtView ImageSoft Mentis Technology Solutions
12:45 p.m. - 1:15 p.m. Tyler Technologies LRS Software AG Sierra-Cedar



Showcase #1

Showcase #2

Showcase #3

Showcase #4

10:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Tyler Technologies For the Record Thomson Reuters Sierra-Cedar
11:15 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. Extract Systems Computing System Innovations & Tyler Technologies ImageSoft Mentis Technology Solutions
12:00 p.m. - 12:30 p.m. TestNotice Computing System Innovations–Part 2



Connected Justice and Public Safety
Wednesday 10:30 am, Showcase #4

Cisco is committed to increasing the efficiency of public services through the application of technology solutions to link courts, law enforcement, corrections and public safety providers.   This presentation will explain how service levels can be maintained and even increased while reducing costs through innovation in communication and data management. 

Computing System Innovations & Tyler Technologies
Automated redaction and Odyssey: New technology announcement
Thursday 11:15 am, Showcase #2
Ken Burke, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Pinellas County, Florida

CSI’s Intellidact is now Tyler Courts and Justice’s solution provider for high accuracy automated redaction technology for Odyssey.  This presentation introduces Intellidact’s industry leading redaction technology, Odyssey requirements for integration, and anOdyssey customer’s technology selection and redaction success story.  In addition, new Odyssey-specific Intellidact features will be demonstrated that make your compliance with privacy regulations easier to achieve. 

Computing System Innovations, Part II
The Future of Redaction Technology: Moonshots that have landed
Thursday 12:00 pm, Showcase #2
Sharon R. Bock - Clerk & Comptroller, Palm Beach County, Florida

Learn about new technologies that will alter the way you think about and process documents for removal of privacy information necessary for online public access. One of the first Clerks to redact court documents in the United States will also provide her perspective of past successes and future challenges. Topics covered will include:

  • Current court redaction technology
  • Google search and public access
  • Native PDF/A document redaction
  • From seconds-per-page to thousands of pages-per-second using GPUs (Graphics Processing Units)
  • The value of machine learning algorithms for court document processing

The Heart of Court/Case Management: Rules-Driven Dynamic Caseflow
Wednesday 12:00 pm, Showcase #2

At the core of our intelligent JWorks CMS beats an advanced rules engine to help drive cases forward according to guideline. Cases are automatically assigned to Lifecycle Tracks with prescribed milestones, events, assigned tasks, and deadlines that remain in view and actionable without the need to run reports or dig through screens. Come see how JWorks informs your court about:

  • What needs to happen, when?
  • Which events are coming up or past due?
  • Who needs to be notified or take action?
  • How are my cases doing?

Extract Systems
Redaction at e-Filing: Empowering Filers and Courts to Redact
Thursday 11:15 am, Showcase #1

This presentation explores privacy rights versus transparency and provides some food for thought as to why privacy is not an appropriate reason to restrict online access. As courts strive to meet customer expectations, how to efficiently deliver quality service becomes the real question. See why Extract’s ability to offer redaction as a multilayered technology at 1) the point of filling/e-filing, 2) as part of the document management workflow and 3) at the time of online publishing makes it the most complete protection on the market.

For The Record
Capturing the Court Record: How To Achieve a High-Quality Recording Solution
Wednesday 10:30 am, Showcase #2

For The Record (FTR), the most trusted name in digital court recording, and Biamp Systems, the manufacturer of the most sophisticated audio equipment, are teaming up to detail how rich, high-quality audio and video recordings can be achieved in anycourtroom recording environment.

For The Record
The New FTR: A Return to Thought Leadership
Thursday 10:30am, Showcase #2

“The New FTR: A Return to Thought Leadership” builds on FTR’s pioneering legacy by reinvigorating the digital court recording landscape with major new investments, strategic partnerships, new solutions and global thought leadership toward continuous improvement of court operations.  Find out exactly what FTR is up to and why!

Don't Just Replace Your CMS Hoping to Solve Case Processing Inefficiency
Wednesday 12:00 pm, Showcase #3

Does your CMS truly provide you the unique flexible workflows or the ability to store all required content to process cases effectively? Discover how ImageSoft has assisted courts, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies across the country in achieving a 100% electronic environment with our unique JusticeTech Solutions.

JusticeTech has been designed to sit alongside virtually any homegrown or commercial CMS, to fill-in the gaps specific to your court. Whether your current "gap" requires eFiling with electronic case file and workflow, or eSigning, ImageSoft can help:

  • Streamline your processes to improve efficiency in your court by 20% in one year
  • Eliminate the printing, signing and rescanning of documents and add the ability to share data/documents securely with other agencies/parties

Join us to see how ImageSoft's solutions can tailor to fit your court's unique processes, forms and people!

Breaking Down All of the Barriers in Criminal Case Processing
Thursday 11:15 am, Showcase #3

Processing criminal cases is extremely complex due to how many unique justice entities have a role in the process from the time of the incident until time of sentencing. The continued use of paper, disconnected systems combined with gaps in technology creates unnecessary barriers and delays the process. 

Discover how ImageSoft has assisted courts, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies across the country in achieving a 100% electronic environment for processing criminal cases.  Our unique JusticeTech process includes:

  • Law enforcement eFiling directly into the Prosecutor’s office
  • Workflows to enable incident review and routing to judges for approval
  • eArraignment solutions to save on the cost of travel

Join us to learn how ImageSoft’s innovative justice technology can fill in the gaps to help you “Break It Down!”

Journal Technologies
Browser-based case management by Journal Technologies
Wednesday 11:15 am, Showcase #4

eCourt, browser-based case management by Journal Technologies, automates repetitive tasks, brings judges tools to the bench, and fully supports real-time in-court processing. Court professionals need only a web browser to access full eCourt functionality—meaning, eCourt is available to judges and clerks via smartphone or mobile device.

LRS Systems
Restorative Justice and Online Education for your court
Wednesday 12:45-1:15 pm , Showcase #2 

Online education is everywhere, does it belong in your court? Alan Slater, with over 40 years of experience leading one of the largest court systems in the country and Zachary Larson of LRS will be discussing the generational shift taking place with court clients and how online education resources can empower your court to reach more offenders and create an environment of restorative justice. Learn about how to access free courses, the benefits of interfacing with your CMS, and how to drive your own analytics to create evidence based solutions.

McGirr Technologies
Access to Justice
Wednesday 12:00 pm, Showcase #1

Learn how Australia’s leading provider of court solutions facilitates Access to Justice for digitally connected court users. Our plug-in solutions integrate with any case management system, to transition legacy platforms step-by-step. The demonstration includes:

  • eFiling
  • “My Cases” for lawyers and other parties
  • Online DisputeResolution
  • Automated listing and court calendaring
  • Court SmartOrders

Mentis Technology Solutions
The Future of the Judicial Workbench
Wednesday 12:00 pm, Showcase #4

aiSmartBench continues to set the bar for a judicial workbench tailored to the unique needs of the 21st century judge. See what new, judge-requested features are coming available in the next release and see what innovation Mentis Technology is planning for the future.

Mentis Technology Solutions
Consolidated Views = Better Decisions
Thursday 11:15 am, Showcase #4

See how gaining access to the consolidated view can directly result in better decisions. See how an easy-to-use solution, aiSmartBench, can integrate disparate sources into a single dashboard and how it’s sophisticated architecture can bring together multiple sources (multiple CMSs, multiple jurisdictions, multiple justice systems) into one consolidated view.

Innovative Odyssey Integration Strategies – Case Studies
Wednesday 12:45 pm, Showcase #4

Implementing Tyler Technologies’ Odyssey Case Management System yields substantial benefits to your court operations.  However, if the integration requirements are not clearly understood and appropriately addressed during implementation, the benefits of your new CMS may not be fully realized.  In this session, Sierra-Cedar, an Odyssey implementation provider, will present practical and innovative approaches for integrating with Odyssey, including the use of Enterprise Services Bus (ESB) and Portal technologies.  Case studies will be included.

Integrating COTS Solutions (Azure vs. On-Premise point-to-point)
Thursday 10:30 am, Showcase #4

Hear from Sierra-Cedar, a provider of Azure and case management system integration services, about real world examples of Azure and on premise based integration with Odyssey and other COTS CMS products.  Learn about Azure integration pros & cons,techniques, and guidance.  Discover a low cost Azure integration model ready for reuse.

Software AG
Building an Agile Government
Wednesday 12:45 pm, Showcase #3

Learn how to build adaptive and forward thinking government and court applications using a cloud platform. The ready to configure platform and case management solution enable fast time to value and provide a modern user experience that’s easy to learn and use.

The demonstration includes:

  • Case management application solution
  • Visually changing application processes and logic
  • Example Prosecution Case Management System

Increase Compliance and Reduce the Workload for Substance Courts
Thursday 12:00 pm, Showcase #1

Too many logistical challenges exist within the substance abuse court of today. Creating random substance testing schedules that aren't actually random, poor infrastrcture, a lack of clear accountability and human error all lead to higher attrition rates, lower compliance, and less successful recoveries by participants. Join us to learn how TestNotice’s schedule management and notification platform provides real solutions to these universal issues at no cost to the court — you won’t ever need to make a color recording at 5am again!

Thomson Reuters
How technology supports improved access to justice
Wednesday 11:15 am, Showcase #3

An efficient, just and accessible court is one of the foundational elements of a strong community – utilizing systems that will adapt to your courts growth, change with the needs of the public and integrate with external partners will allow you to effectively serve your community as the cornerstone of the administration of justice. 

  • What if you could put in place technologies that would limit the stress of current caseload and SRL needs? 

Join session leader Mahesh Rengaswamy – Sr. Director Global Business Development – as he dives deeper into the technological aspects of Access to Justice.

Thomson Reuters
Streamlining beyond case management
Thursday 10:00 am, Showcase #3

As technologies and business processes evolve to meet the increasing demands on the court system, courts must make the decision to invest in their long term future. Not only with a technologically advanced court case management system, but also with legal research tools, drafting tools, document sharing and management systems and restitution recovery information that will allow courts to operate efficiently internally and with external partners. 

Tybera’s eSuite: Integrated Court Technology
Wednesday 11:15 am, Showcase #2

Tybera will introduce its new case management system, Alpine, and its new document management system, CEDAR. These new court applications are browser-based, simple to use and affordable—combined with our popular eFlex efiling solution, they create a fully integrated eSuite of applications for conducting court business. We will also discuss the live video conferencing we have added to eFlex that allows a judge to initiate a video session with a victim of domestic violence who is trying to efile a complaint.

Tyler Technologies
Becoming Paperless Through Continuous Improvement
Wednesday 10:30, Showcase #1

Andrea Thompson - District Clerk, Collin County, Texas

Leveraging Tyler’s Maturity Model™, Collin County has continuously improved processes to achieve significant efficiencies and a paperless office. Using mandatory e-filing, an enhanced issuance process and automated workflows, they eliminated millions of sheets of paper, reallocated staff to more critical roles and now save $100,000 annually. Learn how analyzing the paper and electronic path on every transaction and utilizing workflow queues were instrumental to their success.  

Tyler Technologies
Increasing Citizen Service and Access
Wednesday 11:15 am, Showcase #1

Bill Gravell - Justice of the Peace, Williamson County JP#3, Texas

When Williamson County — one of the fastest growing in the nation — wanted to transform operations and increase service to the public and other agencies, it turned to Tyler. With Odyssey® e-filing and Guide & File™ for self-represented litigants, they evolved to an electronic office and now provide greater citizen access and convenience with reduced costs. Learn how their model of continual advancement earned them a 2015 CITOC Innovation Award and how it can be applied in your court.

Tyler Technologies
Achieving Oregon’s Progressive e-Court Vision
Wednesday 12:45 pm, Showcase 1
Bryant Baehr - CIO, Oregon Judiciary

Oregon was able to get its first circuit court online within 15 months of signing a contract with Tyler, and has moved rapidly towards the completion of their progressive Oregon e-Court vision that includes statewide e-filing, online documents, and online interactive forms for self-represented litigants. Learn how preparation, training and intuitive system design supported a reliable and repeatable go-live process.

Tyler Technologies
Washtenaw’s One-Year Journey to Paperless Operations for All Case Types
Thursday 10:30 am, Showcase #1

Meg Ivey - Deputy Trial Court Administrator for IT Services

After more than eight years without a vendor-supported case management system, Washtenaw County successfully moved from an antiquated court system to paperless operations within one year of signing a contract with Tyler. With Odyssey®, new processes created greater efficiencies and reduced costs, plus provided a platform for using Judge Edition throughout the courthouse, resulting in expedited case flow. Learn how meticulous planning and willingness to change were keys to their rapid implementation.

The Power of Postcards – How a Simple Change Improved Operations for Orange County Jury Services
Wednesday  10:30 am, Showcase #3

Orange County (California) Jury Services recently started using postcards for jury summons instead of mailing a long form summons packet. Since moving to postcards, Orange County has seen a significant savings in printing and postage and an increase in efficiencies in processing juror requests and checking jurors in on their day of service. During this session, you will learn:

  • How Orange County is saving money by using postcards,  
  • The in’s and out’s of using postcards for jury summons,
  • Areas of potential cost savings – both obvious and not, and
  • Things to keep in mind if your court is considering this change.