Session Evaluations

Tuesday, September 22

Opening Keynote: The Innovative Imperative

Session 1

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Track 1: The Judicial Workbench Roadmap: You are Here
Track 2: A Perspective of 20 Years of Electronic Court Records
The Online Legal Consumer Revolution in 10 Slides
Track 3: Managing the Ever-Changing Technology Department
Track 4: The Big Picture: Courts in a v.2.0 World
Track 5: The Big Picture: Enhancing Access Through IT
Track 6: The Courthouse of the Future: Design Principles
Courtroom 21: State of Courtroom Technology Today

Session 2

11:15 AM – 12:30 PM 

Track 1: eCourt MN Tools Developed For MN Judges By MN Judges
Track 2: Prevention and Disposition Policy Panel
Track 3: IT Security 
Track 4: Courts Are from Mars; Social Media Are from Venus: The Judiciary’s Culture Clash
Track 5: Streamlining Traffic Case Processing 
Track 6: The Flexible, Sustainable Courthouse
Courtroom 21: Going from Analog to Digital: What the Analog Sunset Means to Courtrooms 

Session 3

1:30 PM – 2:45 PM

Track 1: Why settle for a Model T when  you can have a Tesla – Driving Wisconsin’s Judicial Dashboard
Track 2: Don’t Let the Cloud Rain on Your Parade: Policy Considerations
Tyler Technologies: Transforming Your Court – Eliminating Deadwood and Other Strategies
Track 3: IT Governance: Management of Court IT  
Track 4: Achieving Timely Dispositions: Virtual Settlements for Warrants and Minor Infractions
Track 5: Two Models for Remote Service Delivery: Maryland and Minnesota  
Track 6: Courthouse Design to Support the Needs of Children
Courtroom 21: Smartphones, Tablets and Watches, OH MY!  Evidence Presentation in an age of BYOD 

Session 4

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Track 1: Taking the Bench to the “Next Level” – Utilizing Available Tools to Move from “Less Paper” Toward the Goal of Being “Paperless” 
Track 2: Protecting Long-Term Electronic Records Using a Capability Maturity Model Approach
Track 3: Ever-Changing Work of Disaster Recovery Planning
Track 4: O to Something: The Start and Evolution of Mobile Apps in New Jersey
Track 5: Expanding Language Access thru Remote Interpreting Services
Track 6: The Trauma-Informed Courthouse  
Courtroom 21: The Cloud, Virtual Reality, and More, What the Crystal Ball says for the Future of Court Technology 

Session 5

4:15 PM – 5:30 PM

Track 1: Judicial Tools – The Human Factor
Track 2: Email: When Is it a Record? 
Track 3: Problem/Project Management- The Eight Steps Courts Can Use to Solve Any IT Problem or Project  
Track 4: Empowering Court Users to Be Effective Court Users – Anytime, Anywhere
Track 5: Improving the Front End: Online Forms 
Track 6: The Courthouse, Technology & Business Process Improvement
Courtroom 21: Applying Administrative Conference of the US Video Conference Standards to Courtrooms 

Wednesday, September 23

Midnote: Tech Tips

Session 6

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Track 1: The Impact of Judicial Tools on IT
Track 2: Paperless, seamless, painless: e-Integrating and Transforming Court Services – The Singapore Experience
Thomson Reuters: Expert Panel Discussion: Technology to connect the justice ecosystem
Track 3: IT Strategic Planning and Creating a Culture of Innovation: Tips, Tools, and Tricks
Track 4: Smartphones Enable Smart Supervision
Track 5: E-filing for Self-Represented Litigants – Impediment or Opportunity
Track 6: Increasing Courthouse Efficiency with Technology: Public Defender Kiosks & On Deck Displays 
Courtroom 21: Courtroom Technology “Kick the Tires”

Session 7

3:15 PM – 4:30 PM

Track 1: Judicial Tools: An Opportunity to Rethink How Courts Conduct Business
Track 2: Electronic Records – More than Just Computer Files
Track 3: Hiring and Keeping Quality IT Talent
Track 4: Where Should We Be By CTC 2017?
Track 5: Enhancing Remote Access: From Simple Transactions to Case Resolution
Track 6: Hackathons – How to Engage Your Community and Get Innovative Solutions
Courtroom 21: Going from Analog to Digital: What the Analog Sunset Means to Courtrooms

Thursday, September 24

Session 8

8:30 AM – 9:45 AM

Track 1: Using Technology to Implement Civil Reform
Track 2: Electronic Finances & Records
Track 3: Leveraging Your CMS: How to Get Small Wins that Have a Huge Benefit 
Track 4: Business Process Management Session
Track 5: Court Performance Measures: from Concepts to Reality (or Making it Happen!)
Track 6: Courthouse Design For Problem-Solving Courts 
Courtroom 21: Smartphones, Tablets and Watches, OH MY!  Evidence Presentation in an age of BYOD