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Track 2: A Perspective of 20 Years of Electronic Court Records

Tuesday, September 22, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Location: Auditorium 2

Presenter: Stephen Levenson

Track: Managing Electronic Records

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The opening session for this track will provide a 20-year perspective on the evolution of electronic court records, including how electronic records have developed to meet the business needs of the judiciary, examples of leading e-records implementation efforts, a current perspective on where we are today with electronic records management, and what is likely in store for the future. The session will also include a discussion on the adoption of the PDF/A standard for electronic documents. 

Session Materials

About the Presenter

Stephen Levenson

Stephen Levenson has been involved in court record preservation for state, local, and federal courts since 1974. His first court project involved micrographic conversion of the land records for Metro Dade County (Florida), later designing and managing paper-based record rooms for state and federal courts in Miami, as well as a court-based record and management information systems requiring long-term preservation.

Mr. Levenson is a life member and Fellow of AIIM International, a member of the educational advisory board developing training for digital records and systems, and past member of AIIM International Board of Directors and the AIIM Standards Board. He is an International Convener for ISO 19005 (PDF/A), which addresses long-term preservation, and is currently an active participant on several PDF standard groups.