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Track 4: Empowering Court Users to Be Effective Court Users – Anytime, Anywhere

Tuesday, September 22, 4:15 PM - 5:30 PM

Location: 101 D/E

Presenters: Chris Lundquist, Cynthia Marr, Audrey Jun

Track: The Judiciary in a Virtual, Mobile, Social World

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Imagine a world in which self-represented litigants, attorneys, and paralegals had access on their mobile devices to exactly the information and tools they needed, when they needed it.  Two McMillan Scholarship applicants will discuss the progress they are making toward this goal.  In the District Court of Pierce County, Washington, court users can easily secure help from court staff using LiveChat, and recipients of citations for civil infractions can schedule their own court dates.  In British Columbia, Courthouse Libraries BC runs Clicklaw, an aggregator website of legal education resources designed for pro se parties, contributed by trusted partners, which provides a centralized, easy-to-navigate portal for self-help. Similarly, over 50 lawyers and other legal professionals contribute to Clicklaw Wikibooks, providing legal information on a multiuse, Wikipedia-style platform.


Session Materials

About the Presenters

Chris Lundquist

Chris Lundquist is a computer systems business analyst with Pierce County District Court in Tacoma, Washington.  He was the lead developer for Pierce County’s document imaging and e-filing modules, as well as the kiosks used for domestic violence and anti- harassment. Mr. Lundquist has over 30 years of IT experience in a variety of industries and was a presenter at the 2011 Court Technology Conference in Long Beach, California and the 2004 E-Courts conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cynthia Marr

Cynthia Marr has worked for Pierce County District Court for over 20 years. She is currently the analytic support manager for the court's technical resources and special projects. Before her appointment in 2002, she served Pierce District Court in various capacities for eight years, including four years as the administrative services manager. Ms. Marr is a long-serving member of Washington State’s District and Municipal Court Managers Association (DMCMA). She is currently vice president and serves as the DMCMA Technology Committee co‐chair. She also serves on the CLJ‐CMS Project Steering Committee, Long Range Planning Committee, and the DMCMA Endorsing Committee. Ms. Marr has worked on the BJA Best Practices Committee and the Judicial Needs Workgroup.  She holds a BBA from the University of Cincinnati.

Audrey Jun

Audrey Jun, B.A., LL.B., is the Clicklaw program coordinator at Courthouse Libraries BC (CLBC), a nonprofit society that provides legal information services to members of British Columbia’s law society, provincial judiciary, and the public. CLBC’s branches are located in 29 courthouses throughout the province, with the central branch located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Ms. Jun manages Clicklaw, a CLBC initiative and program; facilitates the Clicklaw Steering and Editorial committees; and provides support to the Clicklaw Wikibooks and CLBC website. She was called to the British Columbia Bar in 2014 and combines backgrounds in law, public legal education, and mobile/Web technology.